È importante imparare i phrasal verbs per essere naturale nello speaking inglese. Gli oratori inglesi usano i phrasal verbs spesso. Danno colore alla conversation e alla vita! 🙂





add up To make sense, seem reasonable The facts in the case just don’t add up. AVER SENSO SEMBRARE RAGIONEVOLE /LOGICO
break down 1. To explode 2. To get angry 1. Tommy blew up the red balloon. 2. Don’t blow up at me. It’s not my fault. SCOPPIARE (ES. UN PALLONCINO ) ARRABBIARSI
break up To come to an end (marriage, relationship) She broke up with Daniel after dating him for five years. FINIRE UNA RELAZIONE LASCIARSI
deal with To handle, take care of (problem, situation) Catherine is not good at dealing with stress. MANNEGGIARE PRENDERSI CURA DI UN PROBLEMA O UNA SITUAZIONE
get along (with) To be on good terms; work well with It’s important to get along with your team supervisor. ANDAR D’ACCORDO

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